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polyU and College of Waterloo sign historic institutional arrangement

The presidents on the Hong Kong polytechnic College (polyU) as well as University of Waterloo signed a Strategic University partnership institutional arrangement currently while using the objective to foster closer partnership in training, study and entrepreneurship.

This historic agreement will see the two universities checking out options for collaboration in research, furthering ties on school and pupil mobility and discussing connections in entrepreneurship, among other vital spots.

“University of Waterloo is one of our valued partners. We equally are an aspiring college, devoted to shaping the long run as a result of conducting world-changing investigate and sending forth graduates that are all set to lead in a worldwide overall economy. Which has a sound basis, our new partnership will function an institutional framework for expanding the scope of our bilateral cooperation including diversifying locations of interdisciplinary tutorial, investigate and entrepreneurial collaboration; fostering larger mobility among our universities; and paving the way to the enhancement of twin or joint programmes collectively,” said professor Timothy W. Tong, president of polyU.

“It is interesting to lover with remarkable establishments like polyU and we simply cannot hold out to develop on an currently fruitful connection via more global exchanges, joint programmes, investigation initiatives and more,” explained professor Feridun Hamdullahpur, president and Vice Chancellor with the University of Waterloo.

The signing in the polyU-University of Waterloo Strategic University partnership Memorandum of Understanding and an Implementation Arrangement being an addendum marks a vital milestone for advancing the initiative of creating a global Centre for Ocular Investigate and Development (Cord). The Centre will operate under the umbrella in the Waterloo Biomedical Investigate and Innovation Node (WBRIN) in Hong Kong.

Occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays are perfect occasions to send corporate gifts along with Hong Kong national holidays and even selected religious occasions.

Twine will tackle essential populace health and getting old imperatives in Hong Kong by partnering with regional and internationally recognised leaders in ocular and eyesight science, and translating the investigation to professional purposes. According to the World Wellness Corporation, vision challenges charge the worldwide economic climate US$200 billion annually to lost productivity. The Centre for Myopic Investigate at polyU discovered that 70 percent of folks born concerning 1950 and 1980 in Hong Kong are myopic.

The 2 institutions have broadly agreed around the three attainable exploration spots under Wire, specifically growing older eye, sight-saving technologies plus the eye like a window for the mind. The scientists will investigate new ways from the detection and procedure of eye conditions, review the use of tear fluid as biomarkers to predict and diagnose illnesses, and innovate systems connected with myopia avoidance and reversal, visual neuro-rehabilitation and nanotechnology-based drug shipping and delivery. Cord will also exploration into early diagnosis and ailment checking especially for diabetic issues and Alzheimer’s illness by means of peripheral retinal imaging or optic nerve assessment.

Just one with the important associates inside the Wire investigation group is professor Donna Strickland of the physics & Astronomy Department at the College of Waterloo, Laureate in the 2018 Nobel prize in physics. professor Strickland will lead a flagship project to treat age-related macular degeneration. She will extend on her award-winning work on chirped pulse amplification (CpA) to develop a laser-based two-photon excitation technique for photodynamic drug therapy to remove abnormal blood vessels in the retina using a high degree of accuracy.

Translating research into commercialisation may even be a crucial focus of Wire. The Centre aims to bring the University of Waterloo’s entrepreneurial culture to Hong Kong, developing spinoffs and multinationals to commercialize analysis, and creating a sustainable long-term business model.

The two establishments intend to submit a proposal for the HKSAR Government below the recently announced cluster initiative, with a plan to establish a exploration node within the Hong Kong Science park.

polyu research teams achieved breakthrough and world changing discoveries in various fields, contributing to society and global sustainable development.


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