Is Your Soul Breathing?

God made humans in his image but these days very few of them lead a God fearing life. Environment is the main cause of changes in a human being. People you meet on a day today basis and the surroundings you are in contribute in the making of your mental structure. The general apathy, unreliability, attitude and behavior of each and every human being affects the nation. Every human should strive for self-improvement. This is an exercise of the mind.

These are a few steps, which I believe can help us improve our mental, emotional as well as physical capability.

1. Self Worth – The first and foremost step towards self improvement is self worth. A person who cannot appreciate his or her self can never be expected to lead a purposeful life. God has sent us to this world as his emissary and thus one has to believe that he or she is the best. So love yourself, appreciate yourself first and then you will see it in others too.

2. Be God fearing-The second step to follow is to lead a God fearing life as much as possible. Believe and follow the adage that if you do good to others it will be returned to you and vice versa. As much as possible keep away from lies, cheating and any other negative act. Try to remember the Ten Commandments once in a while. It is for your own good.

3. Never Condemn Yourself-There will be times when you will commit a wrong doing or make mistakes. Well, don’t hang yourself for it. Face your negative act bravely and vow to try and not repeat it.