How to control my temperament

All of us will be infected by different affairs in our daily life, different people will manifest different expressions on one thing, some will feel happy, some will feel sad, and fewer maybe not care about it. why did they have the different emotions? In my humble opinion, we should how to control our temperament on them, your feelings will be display on your face, although it’s not authenticate by scientist. Having a intense attitude or temperament will be improve your whole field, including the fate, the chance, the health, your family and so on, I found myself have a terrible temperament recently, i’m not sure why i’m become this status, is it because i run into many affairs recently, or have a doubt about my future, think it’s tough and hard to manage, but have a deeply thought, i’m surely and determined that they are not the emphasis. Controlling your temperament appropriately and that’s the real resolve the problems Travel enquiry.

I read a book these days, it’s about how to control yourself. although it’s the theory WAN Optimization, but it’s easy to understand and know of from the book. as a man, you must to undertake the responsibility of a family, how to take care of your family member, try your best to give them better quality life and happily every day, when you alone, you maybe just take care of yourself. Once you are married, you should be much knowing that what you should do, Taking care of them is your one of your daily work, Don’t take them bad temperament, I remember one sentence from the book, When you can control your temperament, the succeed is on the way. Although it’s tough, but i still to have a try .