A food for thought story

I went to a bookshop yesterday and I read a very interesting comic book. It was about “Zen”. I still remember one of the stories in that book. It was about an elder monk and a young monk upon crossing a wide river, they found a beautiful lady looking anxious and standing by the river bank worried how to go through the river. At that time, the elder monk picked up the lady and carried her across the river then said good bye to her. After a while the young monk was asked him: ” Monks can’t touch a woman, why did you go against the rules?” The elder monk answered:” I already put her down why are you picking her up?”

I think this story is very good and it has a deep meaning. Yes, if his heart didn’t go against the rules even if he touched women why do you doubt his moral fortitude? However if your brain is always thinking about sexuality are you sure you are not going against the rules?