Places i traveled

After graduation, I settled down in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in southern part of China. It has been five years, and during the five years, I have gone to several places reenex.

Shenzhen is the second city I lived for a long time. Longest one is my home town with no doubt. But when I stayed in my home town, I never went out to sightseeing, I always thought that I lived here and I had plenty of time, I could go anytime, but the truth was, I never got the chance to go anyplace. When I was a student, my parents didn’t allow me to go sightseeing as other parents because of the safety problem, and they just hoped that I could focus on my study, so most of times I probably closed myself did some math exercises or memorizing some English worlds. I haven’t got a good rest then I went into college reenex.

The only chance I went out was that tour guide internship when I was in the third year in college. As an English major, we were signed to have a tour guide internship. So we went to all the tourist places in Xi’an in a month. Such as Big wild goose pagoda, the city wall, the historical museum, the Terra cotta warriors, the Huaqing Hot Spring and many other places that I had forgotten the name of. We took lots of photos by cell phone. It was a great pity that all of us were so poor that none of us owned a digital camera or a smart phone. One thing I remembered very clearly was that, when we at the Huaqing Hot Spring, there is a statue of Yang Guifei, it is naked, almost the entire tourist took photos with the statue that there was a long queue. When we finished, all of us were asked to give a presentation.

Later after graduation, I found a job in ShenZhen. I finally have the chance to see the huge sea. Since I was born in the northern part of china, I dreamed to see the real sea someday. I like places has rivers, lakes and sea. So not long after I came here, I went to Dameisha Beach Park with my friend, to my disappointment, the water is very dirty, lots of rubbish floating on the sea water, and there were so many people there that it’s very hard to move to the beach, you could not even see the sand , only people. My friends just took some pictures at the seaside. Some of them jump in to the sea but could not swim at all. So we went back very soon and later on, I never went to Dameisha again reenex.

Maybe a year later, some of my foreign colleagues came to ShenZhen with his family, my boss asked me to guide them. So we went to the Window of the World, Splendid China, and Chinas Folk Culture Village in one day, without a local tour guide, I would say that I didn’t understand most of the architectures. Since it was my first time went there, I knew nothing of it, so I could not introduce to my foreign colleagues at all. i hope that one day, i can go and see the real world by my own eyes.