Kids’Happiness Relies on a Happy Family

I felt sorry about my little boy yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I beat and scolded him in order to let me stay alone.

I asked my husband to take him to the play field near our home as my three years old boy had been playing cell phone for one hour or two. Yet they both don’t want to go downstairs and out. Under my repeat asking, my husband pissed off and so do I. My kid didn’t sense my angry and kept playing around me .

I tried to keep him quiet yet it’s hard for an active boy to do this unless he slept. He prayed me to give him phone, I refused determinedly. He prayed again, I began to scold him loudly. He cried in a low voice under quilt. Shortly after, he prayed again, I beat him several times, and he stopped asking for his phone again.

I lay on the bed and felt depressed with my unfair marriage. Why I always do daily trifles at home and a job outside while my husband just does his own job, to the family, his main responsibility is to commend me how to do . It’s very unfair to me.

Meanwhile, my boy began to play his toy train. I commanded him not to make noise and seized his toy violently from him. My aim was to let him sleep, keep quiet or go out. Yet the three requests are difficult to him. He just wanted to stay with me and was reluctant to go out.

From my behavior, I can know that children’s happiness is strongly related with a happy marriage. When one of the parent is in bad temper or in a failure marriage, it’s probably his kid(s) would be deeply affected. I love my kid very much, yet it’s difficult to shout at him or hit him when I hit the roof. For children and myself, I’d try my best to maintain a harmonious marriage .