Be a good Receiver

Are you good at receiving ? Have you still remembered when you last time receive a thing? Maybe this seem a strange question, but I think we had better take a serious thinking travel industry.

Very often, we are better givers rather than receivers. We are used to give our family, our friends and even charities. But for receiving, we may feel uneasy when receive something, although it is not very noticeable. For example, when someone praises the coat we are wearing, we may say that we bought it at a discount instead of simply enjoying the praise. As we know, praise, itself , is a gift to us, and when don’t receive it properly, in this way, we may hurt a givers’ feelings. But if, we take the praise, it is a good pleasure for the giver to see the gift received in a pleasant way. Then, in this way, we may develop a good way of relationship .

Why we tend to behave in that way? Maybe our education play a role. We are taught that it is better to give than to receive. But this suggests that there is something wrong with receiving. In fact, there is nothing wrong with receiving. It is better to give and take.We should practice receiving all the pleasures that happen to us everyday, just think that how many gifts we are being given everyday: the beauty of nature, art and inspiring conversations, etc. Let life shower us with gifts, pleasure, joys, surprises, both large and small, and let us take notice of all these things and accept them happily and thankfully .

So let try to practice receiving at once, and this may benefit us greatly, making us become good receivers as well as good givers.